Emergency Preparedness is serious business, so we made it our business.  The earth is in turmoil these days.  We have weather conditions that have never occurred before...temperatures that are unnatural in places...power outages...earthquakes in places that have never seen earthquakes...blazing fires that are increasingly difficult to control...sudden unemployment due to rampant cutbacks...terrorism....wars and remors of wars...sickness and disease of epidemic and pandemic proportions...turmoil amongst American people with outbreaks of violence...the threat of martial law...and much, much more.  Catastrophic events are all too common these days and we must concern ourselves with them.  Our families look to us to provide a safe environment, a proper income, clothing, food and water.  In such uncertain times, as never before, we need to use fresh eyes to evaluate what we need to do in case of an emergency that could cut us off from food, water, power and transportation.


There was a time when we laughed at preppers; however, everything changed for us in a heartbeat, when we faced two consecutive natural unexpected diasters in New York about 8 years ago now.  We lost just about everything when our home was buried under water from a flood that was never predicted, and an occurence that hadn't happened in almost 100 years.  The weather report called for just a little rain that day.  We ended up having to leave our destroyed house in a boat, over waters that were once roads we travelled on by car.  Then, four months later, a small tornado hit the next house we were living in and completely destroyed the rest of what little was salvaged in the previous flood.  We had to evacuate our home immediately.  There was no time to prepare and no way to get to our bank.  The police and fire department told us we had to get out immediately due to there being an 80 foot tree sitting inside our home that dangerously exposed live wires. We were in complete shock that two unpredicted consecutive catastrophic events happened to us. The weather channel had just reported that it would be a mild sunny day with no chance of rain for our local area.  Moments later, we heard deafening thunder as a dense cloud like substance (which we couldn't see through) surrounded our house.  We could see absolutely nothing but felt impending doom.  Our two dogs stood at our feet, shaking, shivering and were so afraid.  Then, the loudest sound we had ever heard pierced our ears and a huge tree fell in and destruction happened.  We were left homeless again and had to be put up in a shelter (small motel) by the Red Cross (who, by the way, were incredible to us).  It was then that my husband advised me that we were going to start an online survival food site.  We both realized that life happens and we are not always able to be in the type of control we need to be in when a catastrophic event suddenly strikes.  We wanted to make sure no one went through the trauma that we did.  So, EZprepFoods.com was born.  We are convinced that everyone must prepare, calmly and without panic...just in case.  It is our hope that you will never have to go through what we went through; however, if you do, it is also our hope that you'll be able to get through it a lot easier than we did.  For a small amount of money and a few minutes of shopping, you can secure your family's well being.  Without food and water, life ends.  That said, whether you buy from us or buy from someone else, please secure your family for emergency situations right now.  They are more common than you think, always unwelcome and life threatening.  It's a small price to pay, in time and money, to be able to provide yourself and your family with life saving security. 


Emergency Preparedness is no longer a thing that extremests do.  The world has radically changed and we must accept that fact or unneccessarily suffer horrific consequences...even death.  If you don't believe this, take a look at the headlines in the news.  Every single day, there are reports of devestation due to weather, terrorism, talk of war and active wars, new sicknesses and diseases, power outages, etc.


So, without a lot of discussion or hard selling, we have simply supplied many of the survival items you may need, as well as food to eat that stays on your shelf for between 5 years and 30 years.  There's something for everyone and everyone needs the 'comfort insurance' that these supplies provide.


Happy shopping & prayers for a safe today & secure tomorrow.


Be Blessed!


Bill & Dina



Are you prepared for any emergency...one that could last just a few days - or a catastrophic event?

Zevie, aka Grandpa

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